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Your feedback alongside our studies has helped propose a type of pylon that could be used for the overhead connection. 

The feedback we received to date doesn’t show a strong preference for a particular type of pylon. Our studies also show that lattice pylons would have the least visual and environmental impact on the local area. 

We therefore propose standard lattice pylons for the majority of the route with the exception of the Ash Levels, where we are proposing to use a lower height lattice pylon. In this section, using a lower height pylon will allow us to reduce impacts on wildlife and will blend in with the existing 132kV line that will remain in place nearby.

Standard Lattice Steel Pylons, which are around 50m high:

Low Height Steel Lattice Pylon, which are around 35m high:

Our proposed route will be using approximately 25% fewer pylons than UK Power Networks’ existing line.

To find out more about our pylon choice please see a copy of our Pylon Options Report.