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Our Need Case

National Grid is connecting new nuclear, wind farm and other energy sources around the UK. One of these new sources of energy is the Nemo Link®. This will allow electricity to flow between the UK and Europe, helping to provide a secure supply of electricity to homes and businesses for years to come.

There is no National Grid high-voltage transmission network in the Richborough area, so we will need to build a new connection to join Richborough to the national grid high-voltage transmission network.

Our Need Case document (held in our ‘library’) explains this in more detail. This new infrastructure project is called the Richborough Connection. There are pylons that run west from the former Richborough Power Station site, but these are owned by UK Power Networks, a separate company to National Grid. These operate at a lower voltage, and are not capable of carrying the additional 1000MW of power the Nemo Link will provide.